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                              Braces Treatment

Viral’s Dental Avenue is a advanced and affordable dental clinic in Mulund. Viral’s Dental Avenue offers you everything from basic dental implants to advanced cosmetic dentistry and other oral care services like braces treatment, teeth whitening and gum care. Dental braces have come a long way since they were invented in the 1800’s. Today, there are many options available in braces to suit your life style, each of which offers different benefits. Our team of experienced dental experts is committed to offering you high-quality dental treatment solutions at an affordable price.

Ceramic Braces : Popular types of invisible braces include ceramic brackets, inside braces and clear aligners. Ceramic braces are just like metal braces, except that they use tooth-colored brackets (and sometimes tooth-colored wires) rather than metal to straighten teeth. Generally non-staining, the tooth-colored ceramic “blends” with your teeth, making them less …

Tooth Whitening Treatment

Tooth whiteningis renovation of a natural tooth color or whitening the normal shade. Restoration of the regular tooth shade is feasible by essentially evacuating surface stains caused by outward factors, stainers, for example, tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco. The development of calculus and tartar can likewise impact the staining of teeth.

For what reason do teeth turn yellow?
While the reality of the matter is that teeth can lose a portion of their magnificent white sparkle because of stains from dull beverages like coffee, soda, and tea, this is effectively evacuated with consistent brushing or amid your customary excursion to the dental practitioner in the event that you have released it somewhat far! The major factors of Tooth Discoloration are Age, Starting color, Translucency and thinness, eating habits, Smoking habits, Drugs / chemicals, Grinding, and Trauma. The most well-known explanation behind yellow teeth is underneath the surface. Underneath the outside layer of finish…