What is Root Canal Treatment exactly?

Root Canal is a treatment for the impure pulp of a tooth which can be results in the removal of infection tooth from future microbial invasion. Root canals are needed only when a tooth is experiencing irretrievable damage to the level of damaging the tooth nerve. It is very common to need a root canal if cavities are left untouched, allowing the cavity to spread into the inner area of your tooth, nerves and even your gums. It is an essential treatment if you want to use and extend the life of your affected tooth. This process is more deeply than any normal tooth filling treatment.

How Root Canal Treatment is done?
If your tooth is affected, your dentist may advise you to get a root canal. Initially, he will administer some anesthetic to make sure that you don't feel any pain during the treatment, and then he will start drilling a hole to allow way in to the your tooth. Then dentist will remove the affected tooth pulp and the nerve from your tooth by using their specialized tools. After removing and cleaning the tooth he seals it completely to ensure that you will not experience pain again in the future.

Then the tooth is covered with a custom crown to provide protection to the tooth. Crowns or caps are available in all metal, ceramic, Zirconia, Porcelain fused to metal (PFM), and porcelain fused to zirconia.  This procedure save your natural tooth and prevents any further perish from forming in that tooth. Root canal is an essential treatment if you want to save and lengthen the life of your tooth. When tooth left untreated, the spoilt can ultimately cause infections and abscesses that can passed to the other healthy teeth and the whole mouth through the nerves, and can cause other dental and oral complications.

How to know when you need a Root Canal?
The only way to ensure that you really need a root canal treatment is to visit your dentist. He can then takes x-rays of your mouth and evaluate your teeth and gums for any issues. Toothache, Swelling, Sensitivity are some common signs that you have an infected or a highly damaged tooth that may need a root canal treatment.

With the use of advanced dental technology, many dentists use dental loupes to perform root canal therapy. Now a day’s having a root canal feels similar to getting a filling just as painless. Root canal results are long-lasting. They reduce toothaches and preserve the affected tooth for an indefinite period.

If you have any questions about root canals or your oral health, please ask us. 


  1. I'm done with root canal treatment, there was no pain even during the treatment and now also I'm normal.


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